About Us

  • CEO & Executive Administrator

    Joshua is a native to Hickory, NC with his wife and 3 beautiful children they call this city home. Joshua is the CEO while his wife holds the title of Executive Administrator, they team up every day to run this small family owned business.

  • Family

    Their two sons and daughter pictured above are their biggest motivators. They are the youngest members of the team including the recent addition of Buster, their four-legged friend.

  • Athena, Our Daughter

    Athena is loving and friendly with everyone she meets. We are so blessed to watch her grow into her personality!

  • Roel, Our Son

    Roel is our middle child who is full of love, care, and absolutely loves helping everyone he meets. It has been a privelage to watch him become a part of his community!

  • Lucas, Our Youngest Son

    Lucas is full of energy and keeps us running day to day. We are so grateful to see him meet milestone after milestone along his siblings!